What Am I Paying For?

What Exactly Am I Paying For Anyway?

Would you buy a pizza without knowing what toppings we’re included? Okay, maybe you would depending on how hungry you were. But nobody likes a decipher a bill that has undisclosed amounts. It sends the message that something might be hidden in those numbers. While we can’t speak for all contractors, we can say be bit[…]


When NOT to DIY

Or, should we say, DDIY! (Don’t Do It Yourself) Maybe some of us are a bit intimidated by the whole idea of DIY. But theres a good handful of us out there who get eager conjuring up ideas of DIY projects, scouring the internet and Pinterest with how to’s and helpful tips.  I know because I am[…]


Entry Level Carpenter Position

Thank you for your interest in this position   All applicants must: Have a vehicle 18+ years of age Basic knowledge of construction and carpentry and experience Overall interest in pursing growth in the business Get to know us and what we’re all about. Before applying, please read our 4 point promise on our About Us[…]

Clogged drain

How to fix a Clogged Sink

Few things are as frustrating as a sink that wont drain. Not only is it unpleasant, its unclean! Today’s “fix it” post will show you how to take care of your sink- without having to call a plumber! (That is…if all goes smoothly) First, what you’ll want to have on hand: Small bucket or pan[…]

How to: Repair Small Holes in your Home

We’ve all been there. You’re racing in the house, swing the door open entirely too fast and BOOM, there goes the door knob through the drywall. Or you have kids and one of them throws a football across the room and instead of the other one making the catch, the wall makes an interception. Whatever[…]


Salt. The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

    2014 Winter is here and so is the snow. Tis the season for frozen fingers and hours of back breaking shoveling. Which is why most of us revert to spreading salt. But how many of us out there realize how damaging this quick solution can be to our sidewalks, driveways and landscape? Yes, its true- this[…]