5 projects to add value to your home in 2015

Its a brand new year.  2014 was here and gone and before we know it, spring will be just around the corner. And we all know with Spring comes lots of projects around the house! But have you ever wondered if the projects you’re doing, the money you’re spending, is really worth the return? Let’s go ahead and take a look shall we? In the next six weeks I will be covering in depth ways to increase value to each area listed below. But for now, here’s a list of 5 home remodels that will be sure to increase your homes value in 2015.


Adding on to your home. If you’re looking to add value to your home this year, consider increasing its square footage. Anything from a simplistic sunroom addition, to a full out second story add on- increasing the size of your home will have a positive impact when its time to sell. Expect to spend anywhere from $100- $250+ per square foot of added space. Lots of planning is required before breaking ground and by all means, unless you are experienced and have tackled projects like this before, consult with a professional!

Blue print

Opening up the flow of your home. If an addition isn’t quite in your realm of possibility, then creating a more opened floor plan might be. Consider removing a wall or two to open the flow of a confined kitchen space into a more comfortable, more practical area to work in. Open floor plans give you the feel of a bigger home while cutting costs when compared to an in-depth addition. Keep in mind, you will want to call a professional before attempting this one on your own.


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Adding or Remodeling bathroom. Adding a bathroom is always a good choice in a home remodel-especially when you have only one. Ideally, you want at least one full bathroom per story but in this case more is better. Sometimes, it’s not as hard as you think it may be and it is even possible to install a full bathroom in a basement. When selling your home, unless your target is two or less individuals, increasing the number of bathrooms increases the number of occupants your home can handle. In the case of upgrading an existing bathroom, some things as simple as a fresh coat of paint can change the feel and wake up the room. Other upgrades may include a new vanity and sink, consider swapping out the old formica countertops to a granite or solid surface top. A tile backsplash or upgraded flooring are among other things that can be sure to spruce up any space. Many of these things are DIY too!


Bathroom before


Bathroom remodel




Finishing your basement.  Basements are great. They are great for storing old junk, great for play rooms, or in this case great for adding tremendous space to your home! Turn this mostly unused space into a cozy second living room, game room or even an apartment that could be rented out! The good thing is you can decide how much of the space you want to finish and how much you want to leave unfinished for storage. As an added bonus, incorporating a full bathroom into this space will bring all the more value to your home. It’s literally the footprint of your home! USE IT!


Courtesy of Bayberry



Kitchen renovation.  Old and outdated kitchens can be a major turn off to potential buyers. Consider a kitchen remodel to add the needed value to your home. By simply painting the cabinets, adding new counters, hardware, or upgrading appliances, you can transform the feel of an old and tired kitchen to a new, fresh and clean area. If your feeling really adventurous, maybe a full out kitchen remodel is for you. Change up the layout to fit the flow of your home. Move a wall, change out lighting, add appliances, counters or even tile backsplashes. Really, options are almost endless when it comes to this one. If this is you, a smart move is to hire a professional who can assist you with a design plan and building process.

Kitchen after


This is only five. There are so many other ways to improve the value of your home. Things like:

  • Adding a deck or patio or upgrading what you already have. Try and incorporate a lighting design into the outdoor lounge area to increase your homes curb appeal.
  • Consider replacing your old windows with new energy efficient vinyl windows.
  • Simply keep up with repairs on your home. Fix that broken tile or repair the leaky faucet.
  • Spruce up the home’s exterior with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Maintain a beautiful lawn. As potential home buyers, one of the first things they will take notice to will be your homes exterior. Make it stand out!


You work hard for your home. Make it work for you too!

Stay tuned!


If you need any assistance on any of the home remodels mentioned or a quote on your next home project, we can help. Give us a call!