How to fix a Clogged Sink

Few things are as frustrating as a sink that wont drain. Not only is it unpleasant, its unclean! Today’s “fix it” post will show you how to take care of your sink- without having to call a plumber! (That is…if all goes smoothly)

First, what you’ll want to have on hand:

  • Small bucket or pan
  • Rags
  • Pair of Channel Locks (Image below)
Clogged sink



Lets take a look under the sink:


What you see here is a standard “P” Trap. (In our photo, it is the white piping) This connects the pop-up drain into the drain lines that connect through the rest of the pipes in the house. Our problem lies within both the “P”-trap (The white pipes) and the pop-up drain ( the black pipe). Inside the pop-up drain is the mechanism that allows you to stop water from draining. But it also acts as a perfect catch for hair, debris, earrings, etc. Thus causing our problem! This means we’ll need to clean BOTH parts of the drain.




First, you’ll need your bucket or pan handy. Place this under the trap, or white pipe, to catch the water that may drain as we take it apart.

Carefully loosen both nuts (in my photo, they are white) Lefty Loosy.















Using your bucket, drain any excess water and debris from the trap and…hold your breath.



Next- we attack the pop-up drain (in black) Understand, the pop-up drain is connected to the rod on the back of your faucet which you move up and down to plug the sink. This rod extends down in behind the sink and connects to a mechanism inside the drain itself.

Disassemble the rod from the latch and you are left wth a rod extending into the drain. See the first image below.
Carefully unscrew the nut and pull the rod/ball assembly out of the drain. Then, pull the plug out of the sink and clean as necessary.




Look into the sink drain and make sure its free and clear of debris. Reattach the plug, hook the pop-up rod assembly back up, and lastly reassemble the “P” trap.


Once your reassembled, run the water making sure you check for leaks. And just like that, you should have a sink that drains perfectly!



Now if your sink isn’t draining like it should be, check back and make sure you cleared all debris from the lines – making sure you’ve followed all directions properly. If after you’ve done this and it still is clogged, you may need to call a professional for further help.


If further help is needed, feel free to contact us using our contact page, either by email or simply by calling the number provided.


Well, its time to get back to work for me. Thanks for reading!