When NOT to DIY

Or, should we say, DDIY! (Don’t Do It Yourself)


Maybe some of us are a bit intimidated by the whole idea of DIY. But theres a good handful of us out there who get eager conjuring up ideas of DIY projects, scouring the internet and Pinterest with how to’s and helpful tips.  I know because I am one of them! (Hi there, I’m Christy and I have plenty of Pinterest Fails to my name.)

Here you go, projects that maybe you shouldn’t tackle. There may be a bit more obvious one’s on here… but hey, it doesn’t hurt to be clear.

  • Anything electrical
  • Structural changes to the home
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Installing flooring – ie. tile, hardwood.
  • HVAC work
  • Roof repairs
  • Replacing windows
  • Removing of lead paint

And things of this sort



At some point, it’s simply not worth the risk you’re putting yourself in! Your family members might appreciate your good hearted attempts at fixing a leak in the roof, but it’s not worth the heart ache if something were to go…downhill.

Ask yourself two things:

“Am I putting myself or my family in any danger?” AND “Is this worth my time spent, when I could allow a professional to get it done in much less?”

We also compiled a quick list of a few border line DIY’s if you’re still on the fence.

  • Minimal drywall repair? Sure!
  • Large drywall repair? No


  • Painting 1 or 2 large rooms? Sure!
  • Painting a large 2 story foyer or an entire home? Probably not


  • Tearing out a small wall? Maybe with the help of a friend
  • Tearing out a wall that may or may not be load bearing? No!

Of course, if you’re ever in doubt or find yourself in a DIY pickle, GIVE US A CALL!

Have your own funny DIY disaster story? We’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading, everyone.